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Our Story

Transilvania Healing Centre is an integrative medical centre that practices bioelectromagnetic and biophysical medicine. The centre comes as an answer to Sorin Gadola’s many searches for a remedy to his health issues. He has suffered many chronic diseases, allergies and autoimmune diseases, has sought solutions to doctors across all Europe for almost 10 years, with no solution. Finally, he found this concept of integrative medicine, where he discovered the causes of the diseases he suffered from and, implicitly, a suitable targeted treatment. This is the way he became from the patient, the founder of this centre.

Why did we choose this path?

Because we wanted to see as many healthy people as possible. We have found the path to balance and we want to share it in the world through the most innovative methods that exist at the moment. Indirectly, we educate, open minds and bring the man closer to nature. We contribute to the creation of a healthy body and mind community through an inclusive approach, all with the help of non-invasive technologies, without adverse effects and without creating dependence.

Many people are starting to experience digestion and intestinal problems, others are starting to experience problems and allergies from a small age, and an alarming number of people are overwhelmed by auto-immune diseases and other, very serious, chronic diseases. It is known that a sick man who cannot find the right solutions can become, in time, irritable, tired, depressive and hopeless about his condition. Here we have a broader horizon of what disease and health represents.

This centre is here for such people.

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We have a ongoing desire to improve performance and services. Even if we are talking about booking an appointment, welcoming a visitor, assessing or treating a patient, quality is felt throughout all interactions. Our patients are our guests, and the visit to our centre is a whole experience.



We communicate openly, honestly, available and willing to respond to any curiosity. We understand that people are different, and so are their needs, questions and problems, and we respect that. We are transparent with the services we offer, managing to translate the specialty language into everyone’s understanding.



The state-of-the-art medical devices rely on the exact science, maintaining treatments to the highest possible quality, and positioning the clinic as a professional in the market in which it operates. The years of experience, our medical devices, the diversity of the database, and the expertise of our doctors, place us in the top of Europe’s most qualitative integrative medical clinics.

Removal of humankind from nature and the simple life will not leave us without medical consequences. We are always in a hurry, alert and stresed, without knowing anymore what gets us tired and overloaded and what can charge us. We are not aware of the importance of fresh air, body movement and adjusted quality sleep. The food in the trade has been genetically modified, altered and contains toxic substances. Thus the disease begins in the gut and manifests itself on the surface in some cases in the form of dermatological diseases, allergies, neurological diseases, digestive disorders, intestinal conditions, ophthalmological disorders, cardiological disorders, and so on.

What do they all have in common? A damaged intestine that no longer does it’s extremely important job, that is to protect the organism, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Once this is out of place, the whole body will send us signals by means of symptoms. In fact, these signals indicate that we have to solve the causes of our diseases and dysfunctions, and the symptoms will be solved in time, starting with the immune system.



The clinic has more than 8 years experience in testing and treatment, during which it has used bioelectromagnetic medicine techniques skillfully and treated more than 10000 patients.



All staff members have experienced monthly training with specialist doctors from all over Europe (Italy, Germany, Switzerland etc.). From physicians to reception staff, we all speak the same language in bioelectromagnetic medicine.



At this moment, the Transilvania Healing Centre clinic is equipped with the most innovative equipment in the bioelectromagnetic medical field.

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