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Allergies and intolerances

Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of cases of allergy in children and a worrying rise in cases of food intolerances, with allergy being the number one chronic disease in Europe. Medical research has reached an exceptional level, studies provide information on increasing correlations between stress levels or environmental factors and the occurrence of allergies, but the number of cases with a low response to a classical treatment scheme is also, a fulminating growth.

In a World Health Organization report of 2004 on addressing increased global allergies, the first proposed measure is „to implement effective allergy prevention strategies based on reliable information about the agents involved and the environment. „But it does not specify exactly what these measures are.

Allergies are a group of diseases that may have different causative factors or different manifestations, but they always have immune system involvement within the mechanism of production. Symptoms can be digestive, respiratory, cutaneous, and manifestations (attention the manifestations, not the illness) take differently, improving with corticoids or antihistamines.

Allergies have as well causes related to maternal factors:
• hereditary transmission of allergies;
• mother’s state of health at design time – microbial load, toxemic, nutritional balance of diet;
• maternal microbial imbalance
and postnatal factors:
• an inadequate schedule of vaccines
• repeated exposure to the same antigen
• inappropriate diversification.

Intolerance and sensitivity reactions can also be transmitted hereditary – lactose intolerance, for example, it may cause inherited synthesis of the lactase (degrading enzyme) inherited or adverse reactions triggered by various food compounds in most cases.

The approach to allergies in our clinic is based on the clarification of the complete diagnosis, because only when it is possible to exclude the factors that aggravate the immune system can be achieved a truly effective treatment. On the other hand, we encourage future parents to do such a complete diagnosis so that through therapies in our clinic we can exclude some causative factors of the disease (viruses, bacteria, mycosis), the correction of nutritional deficits through nutritional programs adapted to the personal diagnosis, allergies and intolerances can minimize the risk of allergy in children.


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