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Allergy to milk proteins

General information:

It is the most common food allergy, usually triggered by early and continuous contact with cow’s milk products. After birth, milk proteins are administered to the baby by feeding for babies or coming into the body through the milk of the mother when she consumes dairy products.

Most people consume dairy products daily, sometimes even several times a day. They are heavily modified during technical processing, which may further increase their allergenic potential. Sensitization to casein, lactoglobulin and / or lactalbumin occurs. These proteins resemble the milk of various animals in such a way that, in the case of an allergy to cow’s milk, no goat and sheep milk products are usually tolerated either. There is also lactose allergy, milk „sugar” – but this is rarer. The most common form of lactose intolerance is lactase deficiency, the enzyme that degrades lactose in the intestine.



Allergic reactions are often expressed in various forms: bloating, abdominal cramps, neurodermitis, bronchial asthma, inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, diabetes mellitus, difficulty concentrating, depressed and aggressive mood, migraine, and even epileptic seizures.

If the immune system finds itself once in this overactive reaction, it often forms other allergies to frequently-consumed foods, but also allergy to pollen, animal allergy, fever allergy, house dust mite allergy, allergy to mold, allergy to metal, or allergy to chemicals from cosmetics and body care products.

The contact with small amounts of allergen can lead to very strong allergic reactions, as the body saves the allergen’s electromagnetic information. Biophysical processes can quickly activate extended immune system segments.

Alergia la proteinele din lapte

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Alergia la proteinele din lapte

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