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Babies sleep the majority of the day, young people prefer to sleep much, adults around 6-8 hours of sleep per day. When we are deprived of sleep, we become morose, we have difficulties concentrating and we have little energy.

Despite the research in the special laboratories, sleep is not understood except for apnea. Breathing should be regular and its termination is called APNEA.

Adults suffering from apnea have an INFLAMED PHARYNX. Inflammation of the throat is a frequent allergic reaction, and air quality should be considered as one of the culprits of this condition. For infants would be responsible for the allergy the medicines that mothers use, the deficiency of vitamin C because molds and medications consume it in the detoxification process.

The constant presence of DENTAL METALIC FILLINGS is the cause of low neck immunity, simply because it is on the way to the inside of the body.

Apnea can easily be treated at Transylvania Healing Center after the biophysical method, and after testing for symptoms, we can establish an exact diagnosis within 30 minutes.

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