Bioelectromagnetic Evaluation

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At your first visit in our clinic, the physician performs a manual bio-electromagnetic diagnosis of the whole body. Basically, there is a complex assessment of the general condition of the body. The therapy is also adapted to the individual, with various biological healing methods.



The organization of vital processes in the body takes place through coordination and cooperation between cells, tissues, organ structures, organs and organ systems through the exchange of information in the form of electromagnetic pulses. These electromagnetic emissions are built on various frequency models, and each model has an exact correspondence to vital processes. In addition, each structure in the body is characterized by its own frequency model, not only biochemical, but also biophysical. This means that every tissue structure in the body possesses a proprietary, unmistakable electromagnetic frequency pattern, which is why every chemical element can be clearly distinguished from an electromagnetic point of view.

The sum of the electromagnetic impulses of the body creates an electromagnetic field of the whole organism. It can be remarked in both humans and plants or animals.

The measurement and interpretation of the special electromagnetic pulses of the body gives us information about the structure and functions of the body. Various diagnostic procedures have also been taken the lead in classical medicine, such as ECG examination and magnetic resonance tomography, which is based on this phenomenon.



Through both manual and bio-electromagnetic assessment (Global Diagnostic) we can find information about infections and dysfunctions, foreign structures such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or environmental noxes can be detected; information on deficient conditions, pathological processes, hormone distribution, vegetative nervous system response, immune system modes, energy flow, and much more can be obtained.

The impulses are characteristically altered in the tissue structures, and on the return they are interpreted.



Test patients are not allowed to move during the automated testing (8 minutes). This is why the procedure is not suitable for young children. The measurement is not demanding for the body and is carried out in a comfortable position.

Are conducted in such 50 million unique measurements within 8 minutes, which are interpreted by computer. In these 8 minutes, the patient should not move or talk. The advantage is the large number of measurement results, which allows for conclusions about cellular processes.

The examination provides an accurate picture of the body’s present condition, and the information obtained serves as a basis for the creation of therapy programs, which can then be used for individual energy balancing of the body.

Therapy is performed by means of special electrodes that are positioned on the body. This can be done without problems in young children or infants. For automatic analysis, accompanied by Vitalfeld therapy, it takes 60 to 90 minutes.