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Chemical Toxins

Carbon Chlorofluorides (CFCs) are known as „freon”. They enter in the refrigeration unit’s composition in the air conditioners or refrigerators. It is said that CFC is the cause of the hole in the ozone layer, more, in relation to diseases – all cancer patients were found substance in the affected organs. CFCs attract other pollutants such as glass fibers or metals, facilitating the development of the tumor instead of helping to eliminate it.

Arsenic is used to produce pesticides. We can easily poison with him, because, as with glass fibers, we do not see the way he insists on being present. More specifically, when we decide to get rid of the cockroaches, once brought into the yard is worn throughout the house, carpets, and floor. Simple, right?

Biphenyl Polymers (PFBs) are oily compounds with outstanding electrical properties. At first they were used in the transformer manufacturing industry until it turned out to be unable to turn into less environmentally harmful substances. Still, we’ve detected them in all soaps and a wide range of detergents.

Formaldehyde is used to clean spongy materials. Plastic furniture, cushions and mattresses release formaldehyde even two years after their manufacture. What not to do? Well, try not to „bury you” during night with your head in a new pillow of sponge. You may have a lot of problems with your lungs over time.

Although the cleaning products we use have labelled the chemical components, there is a risk that we do not know many of them. Gases removed from cars, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used in the garden are toxic. The risk of poisoning with them is quite high, even if we do not feel the effects at the moment. Fortunately, the cutting-edge treatments at the Transilvania Healing Center successfully detect toxins, and with the help of machines, diets and / or additional drugs, they can be removed from the body with success. It is possible that when they are eliminated, the urine changes its smell / color, you sweat more or even feel various pains. Do not be afraid, these are good news; serious steps are being taken to recover.

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