Diagnosis and Treatment

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Health problems can be symptoms of body disorders that are not always visible. An examination of deeper causes can pave the way for optimal treatment and lasting healing.



Each part of the body and its system, whether healthy or ill, has an individualized pattern of reaction to minimal electrical stimuli. The Vitalfeld procedure („Field of Life”) has been developed to recognize, record and interpret this reaction pattern. With the help of the current technique, it is possible to measure the body several million times in just 8 minutes and then to interpret these measurements. Based on the reaction patterns, conclusions can be drawn on the energy state and dynamics of the organs or systems under examination.

This is a natural approach that relies on the information gained from experience. Based on the reaction profile, over 540 items of measurement (organs, organ systems, nerves, blood vessels, infections, toxin accumulations, and more) are analyzed.

Just as modern surgery has managed to perform the most complicated operations through very small incisions, we too use only 2 electrodes to measure the entire body.



The Vitalfeld method gives the specialist, after interpreting the measurement data, a variety of evaluation possibilities. Based on these, one can very well see in what energy state are different organs and / or systems, and then the physician decides the individualized therapy program. Through measurements the specialist receives a lot of information that can lead to a better understanding of the body’s condition.

The patient is lying on his back. Two electrodes are attached to the inner surface of the heels. They are connected to the measuring device by two short cables. Starts a measurement program, controlled through the computer. The measurement procedure is painless – usually not perceived. Once the interpretation is completed, the measurement results will be explained to you in usual terms.

Next, with the help of the therapy apparatus, the exact electromagnetic vibration model is set, which supports the body in those regions where there are disharmonies. Thus the energy flow in the body can be restored. In addition, various signals can be created to help eliminate toxins, bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Another possibility of using it is to eliminate allergies. The process is integrative and supports the entire body, so that many difficult-to-treat disorders can be successfully analyzed and treated. These include chronic conditions of pain, infections, allergies, neurological disorders and others.

After identifying health problems through bio-electromagnetic evaluation, our physicians will recommend a treatment schedule that will include the number and type of therapies needed, their frequency (recommended to be done on consecutive days), the type of intermediate and final tests, and the type of allergens to be avoided during the exclusion period of at least 21 days (food or the environment).

Each patient has different health problems, so the treatment schedule is different in terms of duration, type of therapies and number.


The process is enjoyable. There are no age limitations. No side effects were reported. It is a biophysical integrative process, developed with the latest quantum physics information.



When Vitalfeld therapies are performed in our center, patients also receive the so-called „nosodes”. These are individual biophysical frequency models that best fit each patient in their treatment phase and are transferred into water or oil.

These should be administered just like any other natural remedy. Water drops are dripped directly into the mouth with a pipette. The patient will take 3 x 5 drops of at least 30 minutes after food, coffee or other mints (toothpaste).

It is important that these nosodes are brought to each therapy session. They are adapted and updated every time to the momentary state of the body. Once the therapy is completed, they are still used to stabilize the results.