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Our goal is to address the complexity of systems and functions in the human body and not just a symptom, the goal is to identify and treat the causes of the disease.When a certain normal pseudo-normal immune route is formed, it takes time.

The results are not immediate precisely because healing is one from the depth to the surface and not stimulation or inhibition of body reactions.

Through Vitalfeld therapies and Global Diagnostic Treatments:

  • We prepare the body to recover
  • We reduce the concentration of micro-organisms and toxins
  • We increase our defense capability
    so that alone can deal with detoxification, as is the normal process.

The dynamics are very high, any factor of aggression influences the functioning of the body (eg eating habits during the holiday period).

If you are taking a treatment during the time you choose to come to our initial biophysical assessment, we recommend that you take a sample of the treatment (pill, tablet, oil, etc.) to check the compatibility of that treatment with your body.

During the initial biophysical evaluation 5 to 6 drugs can be tested. If you have more than 6 products, you will need to schedule another short assessment to check for the compatibility of all medicines.

Can be tested to determine compatibility:

  • drugs
  • Substances (cosmetics, industrial)
  • dental materials (brought from the dental laboratory performing your dental work).

Approximately an hour and a half.

Minimum 3 weeks, starting from the drug treatment.

Not. The complete initial biophysical evaluation and the treatments performed do not require admission.

Definitely NO. You do not have to panic 🙂

The most important thing is that we have managed to identify the afflictions, and we are going to deal with them, establishing a phased treatment plan, solving the problems, setting the priorities for treatment and healing

3-5 drops under the tongue before meals

In the case of patients who have been identified with the presence of intestinal fungi (candida), exacerbated detoxification symptoms may occur for a short period of time as the body begins to release and remove the fungus or toxic substance.

At Children:

  • Modified poop (bad smells, mucus, modified color, diarrhea / constipation), soft, unbounded poop.
  • Perianal itching, redness.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Agitation, emotional states altered.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Restless sleep.
  • Feeling thirsty.
  • Increased sweating at night.

In adults:

  • Changed poops (diarrhea / constipation).
  • Bad smell and deep sweating, especially at night.
  • Skin rash.
  • Headache / stomach pain.
  • Bloating.
  • Changed emotional states.
  • Feeling thirsty.
  • Itches.
  • Sleeping disorders.

Such conditions can occur for several days, but after that the patient can feel better.

If you present yourself to biophysical assessment and treatment with young children, please consider the following:

  • the child should not be tired (to be rested) and nourished (if you come from another locality please take enough time to rest your child before biophysical assessment or treatments).
  • Make sure the other children have someone to stay with (if you bring them to the center).
  • bring in elements that distract him when he gets bored (toys, phones, tablets, etc.).
  • keep an eye on them all the time while in the center.

According to the Center's operating regulations, you must be arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.

If you are late, the Transilvania Healing Center staff may refuse to provide you with medical services, and will give you a schedule on the same day if the schedule allows.

This is why, to avoid situations where you should wait t to be reprogrammed or can no longer be reprogrammed on that day, please arrive 15 minutes before the appointment time.

Yes, you can pay in installments using the Star Forte card from Banca Transilvania