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Minor or extreme FATIGUE is attributable to glycemia. The bigger the disorder, the higher the tiredness. The three organs that are most involved in regulating blood sugar are: the adrenal glands, the liver and the pancreas. In cases of extreme fatigue, the 3 are full of parasites, and the body suffers from EPSTEIN-BARRE virus (EBV), even if it is not always detected by microbiological cultures.

The role of LIVER in regulating the level of glycemia is the mechanism of „removing from the store” when needed. When we are infected with hepatic liver flukes, it is surprising that the liver still has glucose reserves and can still work. These are common in cases of CHRONIC FATIGUE.

THE SUPRARENAL GLAND helps to regulate blood sugar in a complex way. Some adrenal factors influence the thyroid that is related to the energy system. Both contain toxins in cases of chronic fatigue, and their functionality is altered. The most important organ in regulating the glycemic level is PANCREAS WITH ITS ISLANDS (Langerhans islands). The pancreatic fluke makes its presence felt when the methanol is accumulated in the pancreas. It is the pollutant of food and is found in purchased water, juices, and powders.

CHRONIC FATIGUE does not appear only after exhaustion and a great effort. In order to get a proper diagnosis, we need to find the first cause. At Transylvania Healing Center we first identify the parasite, and then the specialist recommends the personalized treatment plan.

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