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How do we get sick?

Mycotoxins are extremely toxic substances produced by food molds. If we told you that although many people are carriers of these substances, those who get cold have ALWAYS at least one of them, but others around them are not affected by the disease? What do you say if a sudden accumulation of mycotoxins is the one that allows the development of colds? BUT

  • What if you find that cancer patients have intestinal trematodes in the liver?
  • What if you find that diabetic patients have pancreatic trematodes in the pancreas, unlike other people?
  • What if you found out that the liver of all those affected by environmental diseases were tested positively with Fasciola (ovary bladder trematodes)?
  • What if you discovered that to all asthma sufferers Ascaris worms in the lungs were detected?


What if you find out that always every person suffering from a mysterious disease has a parasite or a neglected agent in the body until then?

Until recently, it has been thought that diabetes is caused by excessive consumption of sugars, as cold occurs due to an airborne virus, cancer is caused by exposure to carcinogens, depression – a neglect. We can say that, in fact, diseases have two causes: parasites and pollutants. Even authentic genetic diseases are extremely rare.

Today, the body does not suffer by coincidence mutations, pollutants are known to be mutagens. So, when we find the little intruders hidden in your body during the bioelectromagnetic evaluation, we can destroy them on the path of biophysical medicine. Once the pollutants deposited on internal organs identified, you may cease to be their „host” through food, breath, or other pathways. As a result, your body will gradually begin to heal. Some cure will be faster, some slower. This process is hard to understand. It’s much quicker for young people, for example, but it’s important to know that it’s started.


How do we cure ourselves?

Since the first phase, the body has tried to eliminate parasites and pollutants, following its own methods: it has made stones, secretions, or deposits of toxic substances, but it has not been enough. Liver cleansing is the most appropriate way to help heal the body after eliminating unwanted „guests”. There are thousands of fragments of these accumulated in the bile ducts. If not removed, it turns into gall stones. And the kidneys have made stones in the desire to clean the body of lead, cadmium, mercury or other agents impossible to remove. Once we stop the disease, the healing process can last for years. Gradually, internal organs begin to function better, general condition improves, you have more energy.

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