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Parasites and pollution

Parasites are those organisms that are inside or outside the body and feed themselves. They are divided into several categories:

  • Amygels (medium size)
  • Bacteria (small size)
  • Viruses (very small size)

Parasitic worms can be: round and flat (resembling leeches). They are gradually developing, so they can completely change their shape.

Round worms such as Ascaris are common in dogs and cats and are the simplest. Their eggs can be swallowed when you come into contact with these animals.

Worms generally have favorite places, for example Dilofilaria (canine worm) prefers the heart. Sometimes it is also developed in other organs if they are sufficiently polluted with solvents, metals and other toxic substances.

Flat worms like tins can be consumed accidentally through infested food. The body covers them with cysts and does not attack them, so they develop safely for a while. If you are a meat consumer, you can be exposed to something like that. Once it gets caught in the intestine, tenia grows and grows.

Trematodes are also flat worms with a complicated structure. There are 4 types: human intestinal trematode, human bile, ovine bile and bovine pancreas. And the last two ways can easily reach the human body.

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Paraziții și poluarea

Tratament paraziti

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