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Pollen allergy

In Greek, „allergy” means a different reaction is a group of disorders characterized by an exaggerated reaction of the body to one or more stressors (dust, pollen, mold, food), a reaction involving the immune system. The first descriptions of allergy-specific symptoms have been found in 3500-year-old Papyruses in Egypt. If until recently allergies were considered to be the first place of chronic childhood illness, in recent years many cases of allergies have been reported during the adult period.

Causes of allergies

And yet, what is the cause of the increased incidence of childhood allergies and the appearance in adults? The answer seems simple – the abnormal reactivity of the immune system. But what are the reasons for this reactivity? By clarifying this aspect, we may not only aim to treat the symptoms of allergies but to cure them by removing these causes and stabilizing the body’s defense capacity.

At a biochemical level, a number of studies confirm the link between the occurrence and chronication of allergies and chronic inflammation, the body’s reaction to the presence of infections (viruses, bacteria, mycosis) or substances perceived as toxic (insecticides, food additives) the presence of excessive stress. And psycho-neuroimmunology realizes a series of connections between body reactivity, stress response and neuroendocrine functions.

Practically, these allergies, even if they require the presence of the initial trigger agent (allergen), do not occur under the conditions of an immune system with a normal reactivity. Under these conditions, the solution consists in identifying and removing causative factors (pathogens, intoxications, dysfunctions of the body) along with the lack of exposure to the allergen.


How can we help you

In approaching biophysical medicine in our clinic, we have the possibility to clarify all these aspects – causative factors, associated diseases, but also to clarify all food allergies and intolerances as well as production mechanisms (if E, G or A type imunglobulins are involved ). After a three-week period in which the causative factors are removed or diminished, and the lack of exposure to allergens is achieved, treatments within the clinic aim to precisely erase the frequencies of these allergies.

Due to the lack of pollen, winter is the ideal time to treat pollen allergy – with maximum chances of success after the first part of the treatment protocol. Now that you’ve found out about the causes of allergies, we look forward to giving you a chance in the new year – the chance to completely cure your allergies.

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