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Pollutants are all dead things that surround us and should not enter the body because they cause  harm. They can invade the body through breathing air, food, drinks or products worn on the skin. The immune system detects them and begins to fight against them. Although there are often no irritations on the skin if it is cosmetics, it does not mean they are not harmful. It’s just a struggle for the immune system. But … until when?

SOLVENTS are soluble compounds. Water is a life-giving solver, but most dissolve fats and are dangerous because fats form the wall of the cell membrane, especially neurons. The most damaging is BENZEN that attacks the thymus, destroys the immune system and causes AIDS. Then there is PROPANOL that attacks the liver and causes cancer to any internal organ, XILEN, TOLUEN, METHANOL, METILEN-CLORURE and TRICLORETHAN.

There is a big difference between the copper from meat that is essential in the diet and the inorganic copper from which a dental filling is produced. The latter is a carcinogen.

Unfortunately, metals in the inorganic form are those that penetrate into the environment. Neither gold nor silver is any inferior though not as harmful as the above. However, we should not have any pure metals in the body.

Among other toxic metals we can mention the lead and cadmium in the glued and galvanized fillings, the nickel and the chrome in the dental and cosmetic products, as well as the aluminum commonly used in the food industry.

Discovered early, heavy metals can be removed from the body faster through treatments at Transilvania Healing Center. Depending on what heavy metals were found, the age and quantity in the body, our specialists prepare the treatment plan. Of course, it all starts by giving up on them, in one form or another.

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Agenti poluanti

Agentii poluanti

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