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Our goal is to address the complexity of systems and functions in the human body and not just a symptom, to detect and treat the causes of the diseases. The results are not immediate precisely because the healing is one from the depth to the surface and not the stimulation or inhibition of body reactions.

It is important that there is openness in the relationship with the specialist; if a clue or a symptom is hidden (if an incomplete history or truncated information is given) we can not do everything we could do.


Here’s a short list of terms we use to better understand what we do at Transilvania Healing Center:


  • NOSODE – Natural treatments containing dilutions of natural remedies, suitable for the diagnosis identified, impregnated in distilled water.
  • NATURAL TREATMENT – Stimulating the natural healing tendency of the body using nosode
  • EXCLUSION DIET – diet in which foods that have been identified as allergies and food intolerances are being removed.
  • REINTRODUCTION DIET – diet in which it is reintroduced within 3-4 days, one of the foods excluded from the diet.
  • FOOD DELETIONS – food desensitisation, which results in the disappearance of symptoms to an allergen, even if biochemically there are no alterations of the antibody to that substance.
  • MICRO-ORGANISM DELETIONS –anulation of the microorganism’s frequency.
  • HEAVY METAL INTOXATION – the presence of heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) in the body.
  • INTESTINAL DYSBIOSIS – microbial imbalance that affects the digestive tract.
  • TUBERCULINUM – natural concept (indicator of an inflammation).
  • ANTIMICOTIC – drug-specific treatment for fungi.