Stages of Treatment

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The treatment within our clinic is different and non-invasive. It consists of 4 stages:


INITIAL BIOPHYSICAL EVALUATION is a manual test that identifies both the causes of imbalances (the most common intoxications and microorganisms infections) as well as the dysfunctions in the body.
Diagnosis is unique not only for each patient, but also for that time, our integrative approach having the ultimate goal of improving general health or healing.

The procedure is non-invasive, with the patient sitting on the chair. The physician approaches the patient’s body approximately 20 cm by a measuring electrode (biotensor) through which electromagnetic impulses are transmitted.
These impulses are at standardized, scientifically approved frequencies and come from our database. If a quantifiable response occurs as a body frequency, the affected organ, certain energy imbalances, pathogens or the patient’s condition can be detected. The recommended individualized drugs are tested to check their efficacy for each patient. There are no side effects.

1) Approximately 5 Vitalfeld therapies. The first Vitalfeld therapy that is usually recommended immediately after the biophysical assessment is done to reduce the concentration of micro-organisms and toxins. In a solution of distilled water is impregnated the dilutions of the natural remedies suitable for the identified diagnosis. During treatment, the concentration of micro-organisms is measured and the increase of CH20, CH300, etc. dilutions are tracked by intermediate tests to determine exactly how many Vitalfeld or Global Diagnostic therapies should be recommended.

2) A minimum 21-day exclusion period in which allopathic and natural treatment remedy may be recommended during which a personalized nutritional program adapted to the diagnosis of each person is being followed.

Foods to which allergies and intolerances were found are excluded and other allergenic factors (chemicals, chemicals, animal hair, pollen, etc.) are avoided. The exclusion period is 21 days + the days of therapy until the final test. The exclusion period starts with the beginning of allopathic treatment.

3) After a minimum of 21 days of allergen exclusion, a biophysical test is recommended to assess the changes in the body obtained from the treatment (the symptoms are being followed and the concentrations of the micro-organisms measures are redone).

4) For patients with food allergies and intolerances, after the exclusion period, the indicated treatments and after the final biophysical test  the reintroduction diet follows which involves the reintroduction of a food excluded previously in a 3-4 day interval at the time (among those foods identified with intolerances) and  increasing the quantity gradually.

5) In the case of an important viral load (acute intoxication), our specialists may recommend other types of therapies and more intermediate tests.

6) A final test at the end of treatment (performed one day after the last Vitalfeld therapy).

7) A control test, 4-8 weeks after completion of treatment, in order to observe changes following the reorganization of the body and the reintroduction of foods with allergies and food intolerances.


THIRD STAGE – Tracking the results maintenance obtained through the previous stages, and it is recommended to perform periodic, nutritional tests and changes in eating habits.


FOURTH STAGEAnnual biophysical assessment, 8-12 months after the initial biophysical assessment and the prevention of body imbalances by maintaining the immune system in perfect working order.