Everything consists of energy, contains information, is in motion, develops and interacts with the environment and the whole universe. This is true for people alike.

Make as many people as possible good! „Even during the treatment I started to feel better and now, at the end, I feel great. I have already recommended the Transilvania Healing Center to several friends, whom I wish from my heart to come here and identify all the foods that are tiring and stressing their body. Three members of my family have already begun treatment at the Transylvania Healing Center. Make as many people as possible! ”

Mihai, 39, manager

I kindly recommend it to everyone who needs help similar to me. I was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances, heavy metals, candida albicans, and others. I followed a strict diet, excluding the contraindicated foods, given the indicated medications and supplements, followed by 4 sessions of therapy. During treatment, I felt good because I strictly followed the specialist’s recommendations. I recommend that you follow the directions of the specialist, be alert to the symptoms and signs of your body. He always tells us if something is wrong. Drink plenty of water, eliminate stress as much as possible, meditate and be happy.

Thanks for guidance and assistance.

Dumitrița, 25, student

It’s worth the whole experience. For me it had one hundred percent effect. I was at the center with stomach pains, abdominal cramps and various allergies. It was an interesting experience, the advice I received helped me to make myself more organized and serious about physical health and life. After treatment, I felt energetic, very well hysically and physiological. It is worth all the experience, I have already recommended to some people the treatment. For me it took effect one hundred percent.

Veronica, 33, professor of psychology

With all my love and gratitude, I thank you. After months of weakness and inability to identify the cause, I find at the Center the answer to all my problems: a multitude of viruses, parasites and bacteria that destroyed my intestinal balance and turned my life upside down. Candida, parasites and other viruses had triggered prolonged insomnia, nervousness, lack of desire and lack of appetite. During treatment, I felt optimistic, I received encouragements and explanations that made me feel comfortable. Full of enthusiasm, after 7 months I could walk 10 km without getting tired and without feeling exhausted. I recommend to friends and acquaintances to give up processed foods and sugar consumption and to get a test at Transylvania Healing Center to avoid or get to know the comparisons in their lives. I will come back with great devotion, with great confidence and will maintain the lifestyle adopted during the treatment without thinking that I have lost anything.

Silvia, 45, economist

After the first 4 days of treatment, I eliminated the liver parasite, observing an immediate positive change (body energy, improved sleep and mood, etc.). I had allergies, food intolerances, a liver parasite, respiratory viruses,

intestinal candidiasis, showing a low immune system. I kept a strict diet and drug treatment for 3 weeks, then I came to controls and therapies, and I took the 8-week treatment to strengthen the immune system. After the first 4 days of treatment, I eliminated the parasite from the liver, observing an immediate positive change (energy of the body, improving sleep and mood). After diet and treatment, I escaped most of the allergies (there was only one type of house dust out of three found) and all food intolerances. The staff is very nice, kind and helpful. They responded to all the information and clarifications required.

Bonus: AMBIENT very very very enjoyable!

Gabriela, 36, professor and director CNIPTN

Today at Transylvania Healing Center, Luca Andrei started a new life without allergies. Luca Andrei had multiple allergies, atopic dermatitis, histamine intolerance, inflamed intestinal mucosa. For 3 years, Luca Andrei could not be cured in the Romanian medical system, night after night had sore throat and pruritus. Here at  Transylvania Healing Center, a professional center through the attitude, presentation and solving of all medical problems, Luca Andrew started a new life without allergies.

Thank you very much!

Sorin, the father of Luca Andrei

I’m trying to get used to the fact that I do not have the heavy and swollen legs, that I have a much higher physical and mental strength, as if I’m a new man and I have come back to life. I came to the center with major blood circulation problems and left artery blockage, which forced me into surgery. I also had an allergic background, lack of energy, acute tiredness that I couldn’t explain. The first few days after treatment, I had mild dizziness, but I was informed that some changes would occur in the body, which I enjoyed because treatment was effective. I felt how my states started to improve from one week to the next and after 3 weeks I felt my body returned to normal, which was also confirmed by the post-treatment control. I’m trying to get used to the fact that I do not have the heavy and swollen legs, that I have a much greater physical and mental resistance, as if I am new man and I have come back to life. I want to thank Dr. Holesch and the whole team, for their professionalism and the atmosphere that I found at the Transilvania Healing Center. Once entered here you feel that your problems are getting solved and all the staff is open and friendly

Daniela, 35, designer

I came to the center with my son who had problems of weight and abdominal pain. My baby has lost weight throughout the diet and feels good physically and mentally. We arrived at Transylvania Healing Center following the recommendation of a friend who treated her 3-year-old and the results were as expected, very well. I came with my 11-year-old son with weight problems and abdominal pain. Dr. Doles Holesch diagnosed him with a fungus (candida) and following the recommended diet, we managed to deal with the imbalance. We also had a nutrition consultation, and Dr. Daria Dulfu, Nutritionist, recommended a diet I was very pleased with. My baby has lost weight during the entire period of the regime and feels good physically and mentally. We will return to control.

Lori, David’s mother

I came to the center following family and friends’ recommendations and I will always be grateful for the change we have had due to the treatment recommended by the Transilvania Healing Center. At only 24, I suffered from chronic fatigue, headaches, inability to concentrate, insomnia, and dizziness. Although I had tried other methods to determine what was wrong with me, and had followed treatments of all kinds, nothing seemed to work. The experience with the Transilvania Healing Center was completely different. I have finally had a clear diagnosis and a treatment that included a diet, which worked extremely quickly. The team was extraordinary and friendly, accepting to schedule me over the weekend because my work schedule did not allow me to get from London on weekdays. In less than 2 weeks from the start of treatment and diet, I began to see changes in energy levels and concentration, which for me had a big impact. I have no words to thank Dr. Holesch and Mrs Daria for the major change they have made for me. I would recommend the clinic to any one I know; the team does not only give you a short-term solution, but rather a new, healthy lifestyle.

Rebeca, 24, Recruiter & Trainer

I came to the center hoping to get rid of my health problems, the mental states I faced for years and who did not get diagnosed after numerous consultations and trials at other clinics. I also face weight problems in spite of the healthy lifestyle I am taking (both as diet and as sport). I admit that at first I was afraid that this treatment would fail, but now, after 4 weeks of exclusion and 3 Vitalfeld treatments, I feel another person. My disturbing states have disappeared, I’m losing weigh … I feel like living a beautiful dream I’m afraid of waking up. I thank Mrs Dulfu for her help and for the confidence she had in me that I will be able to complete this fight. I wish you all the best!

Noemi, 42, Economist

I came to Daria following a nutrition recommendation. I say Daria and not Mrs. Daria, because as soon as you enter her office – she treats you as if you were a family member. She is a specialist as all should be theoretically: she sees the patient not just as a sum of dysfunctions and diseases, but as a whole: soul, mental, mind, organ, body, energy. I did not expect such a thing to exist in Romania. The simple interaction with her balances you and gives you hope that you can recover. Following the initial biophysical assessment, I discovered the causes of the imbalances I experienced – causes that allopathic medicine was unable to identify in the past two years. And it is known that once you discover the cause, the problem is half resolved. Having full confidence in Daria, I brought my little girl to her. I have no words describing the way she approaches children – with patience, empathy and perfect attention. We are both in the process of healing and I am glad every day that I have discovered Daria. I recommend it to all those who tried all the allopathic or traditional methods unsuccessfully. I recommend it to all who believe that the man is more than flesh and bones. I recommend it to all parents who prefer to treat their children using integrative medicine. I recommend it to everyone.

Elza, 35, Human Resources Specialist

I headed to the Transilvania Healing Center for an allergy that I have not managed to get rid of with multiple diets and drug treatments over the years. It is great for someone to understand your problems and from which you can get a personalized health and nutrition program that fits your lifestyle and through which you can reach your goals! With biophysical testing and coaching from Mrs Nutritionist Daria Dulfu, we have successfully completed a diet by which we have removed the yeast from daily diet for three weeks and I can gladly mention that the discomfort of the allergy has disappeared and I feel very good.

Sorin, 53, General Manager

Knowing that I have heart problems, hypertensive, with ischemic cardiopathy and second degree obesity, I came to the center and my biophysical testing was done. In addition to the actual testing, which led to intestinal flora problems, food intolerances and intoxication with formaldehyde and the presence of genetic toxins, I was tested for the compatibility of the drugs I was taken. It turned out that not all the medicines were good for my body and more than that, I was taking two medicines for the same heart problem, medicines that were not compatible one with another. I gave up those drugs, I reduced the number of others, and I found that I was feeling well even without so many types of medication. I followed a treatment plan that left me out of intolerance, formaldehyde and toxins, I lost weight, and now I feel much better. The pain of my legs improved and the legs have deflated significantly. I will continue to follow a nutritional plan for weight loss. I’m glad I reduced the number of drugs and now I feel good, so I thank the medical team at Transilvania Healing Center

Constanţa, 64, pensioner

The biophysical assessment method used at the Transylvania Healing Center is sensitive and correctly identifies different health issues. I liked the atmosphere at the Transylvania Healing Center as it is a pleasant and clean one; the doctor’s instructions were made in an optimistic and positive tone. I received detailed explanations about the technique used and the therapies that were recommended to me. I found that there were outlined also medical problems that I had, but which I omitted intentionally to say before biophysical testing. This gave me the belief that the biophysical diagnostic method is sensitive and correctly identifies the different factors that may be problematic in terms of health.

Emil, 65, pensioner

I do not know if I was out of pain if I did not follow the treatment plan proposed by the doctors at Transilvania Healing Center. I suffered from muscle pains that accentuated for 3 months during which I did not find a diagnosis and the pain did not succumbed to anti-inflammatory drugs. At the Transylvania Healing Center the presence of muscle parasites has been identified and the pain has improved after the first treatment. I did a complete treatment, including a nutritional program, I feel full of energy, I lost weight and I do not have any pain. I recommend the Transilvania Healing Center! I do not know if I was out of pain if I did not follow the treatment plan proposed by the specialists here.

Daniel, 35, economist

Through this message, I wish to offer my sincere thanks and special appreciation for the competence, the high professionalism and the support I am given to improve my health, which unfortunately is under the sign of a serious diagnosis. I am very glad that Dr. Holesch and his team have decided to open the Transylvania Healing Center in Cluj Napoca. It is, in my opinion, a big gain for Cluj and for any patient in Romania who is using the services of this new medical unit. I wish them great success. With great appreciation.

Gheorghe, 63, Bucharest

Nights of nightmare, stomach ache and fear have disappeared. They are in the past. I still do not dare to believe it’s true after just three weeks. After a cervical dysplasia (total extirpation) and due to pre-surgery rays, I started to have repeated diarrhea, day and night, gastritis and hemorrhoids. For 15 years I did countless investigations, analyzes, colonoscopy, but all in vain. I had a very low immunity due to diarrhea, which is why three years ago I did a series of analyzes, being diagnosed with a low vitamin B12 deficiency. In conclusion, I have come to no longer know what to eat and what treatment to follow. I became the prisoner of the house. Following the treatment at the Transylvania Healing Center, nights of nightmare, stomach ache and fear have disappeared. I still do not dare to believe it’s true after just three weeks. For me you are GUARDIAN ANGELS. Thank you!

Malica, 58

Overall I achieved everything I intended to accomplish while visiting the Transilvania Healing Centre in Cluj. The team was very supportive and engaged in my process of renewal and overall health. The treatments as well as my high morale healed a serious yeast and parasite issue that I have been attempting to take care of since 2010. Various doctors in the medical and complementary fields have tried but with little success. The team at THC worked together to administer the correct frequencies to eliminate the parasite and the candida along with the help of proper antibiotics. In other words, the treatment was very well balanced respecting both mainstream medical and complementary protocols. I have lost 8 kilograms, my food addictions & allergies seem to have miraculously vanished, and I am experiencing a more balanced approach to the way I treat food and my body. I recognize how subtle yet profound this resonance therapy influences my daily decisions about developing business & commerce, and regarding my health. I have been travelling all over the world for over 10 years studying diverse medicinal practices, and this experience at THC clinic in Romania is definitely top amongst my personal achievements. Thank you very much. I’m glad I chose to seek treatment in Romania and found THC clinic to assist me in taking care of this health condition.

Stephen, 45 years of age from Toronto, Canada