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The intestinal flora

Flora intestinala

Bacteriile flora intestinala


The intestinal flora plays an important role in developing a tolerance for harmless foreign substances, such as food, but the intestine is not the only living medium of flora. A microbe represents a system of bacteria that live in communion with man and is found, for example, in the respiratory tract, respectively on the skin.

However, where do the microorganisms come from and how does the intestinal flora develop? The first contact with the microorganisms in the maternal flora is still from the mother’s womb. Bacteria from the mother’s digestive tract cross the placental barrier and enter the digestive tract of the fetus. Bacteria in the intestinal flora also appear frequently in the bloodstream, where they can then colonize the skin and the mucous membranes. Thus, from the maternal blood, these bacteria penetrate into the placental circulatory system and can reach to the fetus.

The next intense contact with the mother’s bacteria occurs on the occasion of natural birth. Microorganisms in the mother’s intestinal microbial also exist in breast milk, thus being transferred to the infant. Starting with the fifth month of life, the baby receives special foods that are first chewed by the mother. In this way, other microorganisms in the oral flora, enzymes and substances with immunological action will come into the body of the child.

Other microorganisms can be taken up by children from the floor, namely through dust, through the objects the child puts in their mouths. Parasites also reach the body, but they also play an important role in the formation of body protection functions.

The process of forming the intestinal flora takes the form of an uninterrupted chain, on the principle of transmission. Many factors can contribute to this process, either as a contributing factor or as an inhibiting factor.

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