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What are the „nosodes”? The drugs in the form of drops

Definition of nosodes

You may have found the term „nosode” if you have heard about Transilvania Healing Center treatments. This is a treatment in the form of distilled water loaded with electromagnetic frequency, which has a therapeutic effect on the human body.

For example, by proper administration, pathogens can be removed more quickly from the body. Rhinovirus D6 is such a nasal agent used in the treatment of acute rhinitis caused by rhinovirus.

How do nosodes work?

Water can serve as a „record carrier”, just like a magnetic tape for audio recordings. When on an audio tape it is burned music, the magnetic particles are so arranged during the recording that a kind of footprint of the frequency image is created. This footprint can then be recognized and read again in the form of music using electronic means.


Frequency patterns stored by water

The water contains the so-called coherent fields – this also applies to the surface of the cell water. These coherent domains are made up of interconnected water molecules that stimulate a fundamental electromagnetic wave, partially translating them into a higher energy state.

When enough molecules of water are stimulated in the same way, they all react the same, vibrating steadily with electromagnetic waves. We are talking about a stationary wave in this case. This waveform can be modulated, meaning it can be loaded with additional vibrational features. In other words, frequency patterns can be stored.

The idea of ​​storing electromagnetic signals in water clusters is hard to sustain. Depending on the temperature, water clusters can be easily destroyed. However, a certain percentage of the coherent domains exists in water even at temperatures of 100 ° C. It is not known how to preserve these frequency patterns that are stored by water. However, various experiments demonstrate that water stores electromagnetic information.


For what are the nosodes used and how should they be taken?

The role of nosodes is to maintain the effect of treatment in the next few days until the next therapy session.

Usually, the drops that contain the nosodes are taken three times a day. Recommended doses are between three and five drops, but the specialist sets the correct dose for each patient. In some situations, it may reduce the dose. For example, in the case of very young children, patients who experience detoxification crises. In such cases, in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, it is often sufficient to administer three drops once a day.

What is important to know about nosodes?

It is very important to note that by heating these drops or by exposing them to other more powerful electromagnetic fields, the electromagnetic footprint can be modified or „deleted”. For this reason, the drops must be protected from sunlight and should not be stored near loudspeakers or other active sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Can other types of treatment be done in the same time with nosodes?

Essentially, nosodesdrops may be combined with other homeopathic remedies, but this should be discussed beforehand with the treatment specialist.

For more information on how the nosodes or treatments at Transilvania Healing Centre can improve your health, please contact us.