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Healing Frequency

Innovative product that stops the symptoms of pain by locally applying a patch in strategic areas of the body.

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Based on 30 years of research and development, the technology has been designed in cooperation with more than 2800 clinics in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Lasting effect and rapid improvements

The Healing frequency therapy lasts up to 6 months, according to laboratory tests and usage reports.

100% Efficiency up to six months. Afterwards it can be recharged in the clinic.

The development of this product is due to a solid basis of scientific research which has resulted in two important findings:

EMF Material (Electromagnetic Frequencies)

The living frequencies we find all over the environment support the healing mechanisms of organisms – we call this natural frequency fields Vital Fields.

The patches are made out of materials that are specifically designed to absorb pain. They are rechargeable and tested by practitioners, physicians and clinics that specialize in cell culture laboratories. The composition of the material allows the highest medical technologies to reach the patient in the form of patches, at a lower cost than the usual medication treatments. The EMF material is also designed to store and emit vital electromagnetic frequencies for at least six months. Afterwards it can be recharged in the clinic.

Vital electromagnetic field (Vital Fields)

Pain relief can take from days, hours to minutes depending on the individual and the nature of pain.

After four decades since Nikola Tesla said „if you want to find out the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”, quantum researchers discover the principle of the subanatomical world. The latest studies confirm that both the organic and inorganic matter manifest subtly to our organism energy fields (Vital Fields) that contribute to cell improvement and chemical activity in our body. One of the most important actions vital fields take on our body, is to transmit information and energy throughout the body through cells, organs and micro-organisms. Thus, the organism is capable of cell regeneration and develops the ability to protect against stress factors (toxins, trauma, electrosmog, wounds).

Lasting effect and rapid improvements

The electromagnetic frequency field emitted by the Healing frequency patch influences the primary activity of the cell via water, known for it’s role in transporting and absorbing frequencies in the body. The patch targets the stressed cells, located in various points of the body. In situations where pain is located with difficulty, the patch operates from adjacent areas such as: 1. Cervical area (for the upper part of the body: arms, shoulders, head), 2. the solar plexus (for the chest and all other organs between the neck and the abdomen), 3. the foot (for the lower part of the hoof and the legs).

1. Cervical area

2. The solar plexus

3. The foot

Studies show that the Healing Frequency patches:

  • Soothes all types of pain, allergies, inflammation, sensitivities;
  • Support specific areas and functions of the body, such as: the endocrine system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the uro-genital system, the lymphatic system, the metabolism and the immune system;
  • Reduce fatigue;
  • Support microbial balance;
  • Promote vitality and support the regeneration of the organism;
  • Reduce and combat depression;
  • Eliminates muscle tensions;
  • Slows down or stop bone degradation;
  • Reduce or eliminate stress.

Studies validate significant positive effects on pain relief by half or even completely stopping the pain.

The bioelectromagnetic medicine technology we use, successfully supports:

  • sleep, energy, resistance, joints, detoxification;

and counteracts:

  • pain, inflammation, rheumatism, allergies, indigestion, the electrosmog, cell fatigue.

What is pain?

The most common forms of physical pain are caused by tissue damage, stress, or accumulated fatigue. The nerve fibers send a signal to the brain, a signal that manifests itself with a feeling of pain.

The usual pain

  • Nerve fibers send signals to the brain with a feeling of pain
  • The brain activates its repair mechanism, occupying the affected area with hormones and blood.

Constant or chronic pain

  • In chronic or constant pain, the Energy cell patch addresses directly the causes and location of the symptoms.

The solution

Sometimes the natural healing phase of the organism does not fully end, resulting in the pain becoming chronic and lasting. This is often the case when the cells are at low energy level and/or when the element that is causing the stress of the body continues in doing so.

Unfortunately, a commonly used method of managing chronic pain is to suppress the signal of pain without treating the cause of pain.

The solution?

Treatment of the cause. When damaged cells do not have enough energy to regenerate, pain can continue indefinitely. Therefore, the best way to address pain is at cellular level.

  • supports the energy of cells directly with bioelectromagnetic frequencies that improve the cellular response.
  • The more active the cells are, the faster the exchange of information and energy and the faster regeneration takes place.
  • Research indicates that this enables us to address directly the source of pain.

The types of pain targeted by the patches

chronic disease,
any kind of pain,
bone degradation,
muscle tensions,

How to use the patches?

The patches are placed directly on the painful area.

After four decades of research and development, studies have shown that the technology used in Healing Frequency patches, targets a wide range of applications, being used from common pain to chronic diseases.

It also has a particular importance in supporting the performance of athletes world wide.

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