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Servicii Transilvania Healing Centre

It is the most complex and complete manual diagnostics. This is done by means of a measuring instrument called a biotensor. This detects all problems and disturbances found in the patient’s body: The frequencies of all micro-organisms, parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi. Furthermore, we identify food intolerance, allergies, organ dysfunction, oxidative stress, loads of toxins, heavy metals, deficits, body infenations (including teeth), analysis of the vegetative neuroneal system and many other problems in the body. The initial biophysical assessment shall be carried out for approximately 60-75 minutes. This is practically the diagnosis stage of the entire body, the most complex in Romania. It is known that microbes are only housed and develop in a toxic environment of the body, so our assessment protocol offers many advantages as we also detect the level of toxins in the body.

For your first appointment in our clinic, the doctor performs a manual bioelectromagnetic diagnosis of the whole body, that is, a complex assessment of the overall situation of the body. It provides information on infections and dysfunctions, and foreign structures such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or environmental noxes, can be detected; information can be obtained on deficient states, pathological processes, hormone distribution, reaction of the vegetative nervous system, ways of functioning of the immune system, energy flow, possible shortages, vaccine reactions, immunological states and many others. Data can also be obtained that allow the severity of the condition to be assessed and indicate its degree of chronicability and much more.

In the manual assessment of the whole body by this bioelectromagnetic procedure, different entries shall be examined in detail. When the analysis is performed, each entry is opened one at a time and all the substances in those headings are tested on the patient one by one. This results on average around 800 separate measurements.

In order to better understand the results of these measurements, we list some of the analyzes equivalent to the initial bioelectromagnetic evaluation.

Equivalent analyzes to initial bioelectromagnetic testing:

1. Serologie

  • Hemoleuconogram;
  • Immunology: Allergies, food intolerances (lactose, gluten, etc.), autoimmune diseases;
  • Electrolites;
  • Minerals (Ca, B12, Mg), vitamins (D3, B6);
  • Inflammatory evidence: Oxidative and nitroactive stress;
  • Identificare toxine: pesticide, chimicale, metale grele;
  • Identification of toxins: Pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals;
  • Thyroid (TSH, T3, T4, anti TSHR);
  • Urea, Creatinine;
  • Cholesterol, Triglycerides.
  • Liver samples (alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, FA, virus markers)

2. Corpoparasitological

Parasite identification;

3. Microbiome assessment

4. Permeable intestine detection

5. Identification of organs/systems that are subject to chronic stress (e.g. inflammatory type/toxic)

Rheumatology consult, endocrinology, cardiology, immunological, nephrological;
Pharyngeal exudation;
Panel allergens food lg E specific (36 allergens).

Immediately after the initial assessment, we move on to the next step, namely, the automatic assessment – Global Diagnostics. This is done prior to the first Vitalfeld therapy and provides information on particular tissue pathological conditions, toxin accumulation, energy flow blockages, infections, outbreaks of infection and information on the ability to regulate body structures, the detoxification ability of the organism and the energy status of the systems considered separately and as a whole.

For an automated global diagnostic assessment, 8 minutes are sufficient, using medical equipment. However, this automatic assessment is usually followed by a „Vitalfeld” bioelectromagnetic therapy session. As a rule, a full assessment of the whole body is only required when therapy is started, but can also be recommended after a longer period of time or as a preventive measure at long intervals.

In our medical center we combine manual bioelectromagnetic testing with automatic ones, so we specifically look at the individual situation of each person being examined. Practically, there are no limitations of this type of test. Very young children, pregnant women, physically disabled people and stimulator carriers are mostly tested manually. For all other patients, both test methods are generally used.

Before undergoing the bioelectromagnetic intial testing, patients are asked to bring the medicamentation they are taking, if they are already undergoing a treatment..

Fast testing is usually the first assessment after the end of the diet. This therapy is done during your treatment to optimize your diet and supplements depending on the changes that have taken place in your body, for example: Candida, gluten, etc. It can also be recommended during treatment if the patient needs more therapies to verify the effects of the first therapies. It takes approximately 15 minutes.

This test may be used in several situations. The assessment is performed as a final test after the end of the treatment scheme or if the patient has not been checked for the last 6 months. The result of Vitalfeld therapies shall be checked, if there are any traces of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, food intolerances, allergies, any kind of disease, etc. It takes about 30 minutes.

This testing can be applied in various contexts. It is conducted based on a doctor’s recommendation. The effectiveness of the therapies administered is analyzed, identifying any potential presence of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, food intolerances, allergies, and other conditions. The process takes about 45 minutes. This testing DOES NOT replace the initial testing and cannot be performed as the first test. This type of scanning will only be available after the initial scan has been conducted.

One-hour assessment, recommended for patients who have not returned to check in the last 6 months. If the patient exceeds this interval, a more detailed assessment is required.

The biophysical therapy of the vital-field („Vitalfeld” therapy) – the basic principles for biophysical methods of integrative treatment is the transmission of specific electromagnetic impulses and detailed information stored in the form of biophotons into the body, all of which is intended to optimize the control of vital processes in the body. In addition to the individualized biophysical desensitization of various allergens, further stages of the treatment plan are carried out to stimulate the activity of the immune system, digestive apparatus, detoxification mechanisms and many other such functions.

The energy balance of the body can be improved by the same therapy. Some of the treatment programs are calculated by a computer system, based on previous measurements and tests. The other stages of therapy are determined by terapeuti according to their situation and evolution.

During treatment, very young children and babies may possibly be held in their arms by their dependants or remain in the trolley. The other patients are treated in a comfortable position, lying on the back, on the bed. Small-weight, large-surface electrodes are mounted on the body. A thin garment is recommended and can be maintained throughout the therapy session.

The treatment is completely painless, the energies used being at a very low intensity, the patients being treated are not exposed to electromagnetic radiation either. It will avoid carrying out „Vitalfeld” therapy during the first three months of pregnancy in order not to cause too strong reactions to the detoxification process. Care should also be taken for patients who have suffered an organ transplant, because in their situation, improved immune response is rather avoidable, for the reason to avoid the risk of a rejection reactions of the transplanted tissue or organ.

For patients with metallic implants, the electrodes will not be located in the body regions where these implants are located. The same applies to cardiac pacemakers, heart defibrillators and insulin pumps.

It is based on the same principle as the usual Vitalfeld therapy, but it is an extensive therapy, as its name says. It is recommended for patients with more complex and severe conditions, higher tolerance viruses, or slower response to other treatments. It is basically a combination of routine Vitalfeld therapy and Global Diagnostic Therapy. It takes about 160 minutes.

It is a personalized program according to the needs of the patient, difference between this therapy and the simple Vitalfeld treatment is that the Global diagnosis therapy focuses on the treatment of a single group of conditions (e.g. on genital apparatus, digestive system, etc.). It is more intense in action, so it is not recommended for all patients.

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Transilvania Healing Centre is a centre of health and integrative medicine using the most modern system in bioelectromagnetic medicine.

Our non-invaziv system addresses the causes of diseases, not the reduction of symptoms in the short term. Because we address a wide range of conditions, our services can also be paid in instalments!

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