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Bioelectromagnetic medicine

Bioelectromagnetic medicine handles the resonance of electromagnetic signals and discusses how specific frequencies modulate cellular function to stabilize or maintain our health. Electromagnetic signals are translated into medical information, after which the specialist will give a diagnosis on the basis of which the treatment will take place.

Bioelectromagnetism refers to the ability to study living cells, tissues, and organisms that are producing electromagnetic fields.

Transylvania Healing Center combines classical medicine knowledge with innovative bioelectromagnetic medicine and thus tests and treats a wide range of illnesses and dysfunctions by means of non-invasive techniques, without pain and without causing dependence.

Bioelectromagnetic medicine operates on the basis of frequencies and principles developed from quantum physics. It uses a accurate, and very complex science basis to identify the causes of diseases and to remove them, after which the immune systemca can recover from. Everything has frequency, a glass, a pillar of electricity, a tree, or even a micro-organism.

We have the most complex database on these micro-organisms, which is digitized and so, we can disintegrate all pathogens using frequencies. The same as when a glass breaks from vibrations.

Non-invasive treatment

The Transilvania Healing Centre treatments have an integrative approach, taking into account all the harmful factors leading to the development of a patient’s disease, thus enabling a long-term stabilization of the organism. More exactly, the clinic treats the cause and not the symptoms.

The methods used by our clinic are suitable for all diseases, regardless of their degree of advancement. The performance of the equipment we have allows our specialists to identify early-stage conditions that have not yet shown symptoms and therefore are not found in the classical analyzes. Bioelectromagnetic methods also treat illnesses at the most advanced stages through an inclusive approach.

Transilvania Healing Centre successfully tests and treats patients of all ages for over 8 years. The age group that enjoys the fastest results is pediatric patients..

We use a non-invasive medical technique, without side effects. At the first visit to the clinic, as part of the initial bioelectromagnetic assessment, we will see inflammation in the body, pain and tension, the current state of the intestine, the level of toxins in the body, the level of heavy metals that are extremely toxic and dysfunctions of any kind that affects your well being. The assessment acts at the microcellular level, so we can anticipate dysfunctions or symptoms. (classical laboratories, for example, do not act as deeply as they do)

A large number of our patients are children, following afterwards the elderly. The youngest patient has 2 months of life and the oldest patient is 93 years old.

Our protocol is mostly based on natural products and food supplements, with few exceptions for certain conditions.

Here you will find a short list of the terms we use, in order to better understand what we do at Transilvania Healing Centre:

  • Nosode – natural treatments containing dilutions of natural remedies suitable for the identified diagnosis, impregnated in distiled water.
  • Biotensor – device that through geomagnetic waves detects all problems and disturbances found in the patient’s body, using the database accumulated by Transilvania Headaling Centre.
  • Natural treatment – stimulation of the natural tendency of the body healing process, using nosode.
  • Exclusion diet – a customized diet in which the food that causes allergies and intolerances is removed, after being identified .
  • Reentry diet – The diet that re-introduces at 3-4 days intervals the food excluded from the exclusion diet.
  • Food elimination – dietary desensitization, which results in the disappearance of the symptomatology of an allergenic substance, even though there are no changes in the antibodies to that substance from a biochemical point of view.
  • Deletions of micro-organismsthe process of combating the micro-organism throguh frequencies 
  • Poisoning from heavy metals –presence of heavy metals in the organism (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.).
  • Intestinal dysbiosis – microbial unbalance affecting the digestive tract.
  • Tuberculinum – natural concept (indicator of an inflammation).
  • Antifungal – specific medication for fungi.

Healing Frequency

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