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Initial treatment at Transilvania Healing Center

Initial Treatment: Purpose

At Transilvania Healing Center, the initial treatment always focuses on eliminating potential therapeutic obstacles. It is important to bring the body back to balance.


The first steps of treatment at the Transylvania Healing Center

Priority have, if there are, the accumulations of toxins, infections or outbreaks of infection. We must take action to treat them. Any major deficiency of mineral substances, provitamins, vitamins, amino acids or enzymes must also be remedied.

When deficiencies are mild, you may eventually wait to see to what extent the body can compensate these deficiencies alone for detoxification and therapy.

It is also essential to identify and compensate the notable disturbances in the acid-base balance.

Furthermore, if the patient is allergic to certain foods or their components, he can be prepared, already through the first Vitalfeld therapy session, for biophysical desensitization.

In addition, depending on the needs of each patient, the first bio-electromagnetic therapy session may also include, for example, programs for:

  • Improving the energy state of the body
  • Stimulating the energy flow in the body
  • Elimination of toxic substances, including heavy metals
  • Elimination of accumulations of toxins caused by genetic predisposition
  • Treating reactions to vaccines
  • Treating lateral disorders (insufficient left or right dominance)
  • Treating inflammatory or allergic reactions
  • Elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites
  • Stimulating the regeneration of tissues or organs
  • Treating functional nervous system imbalances
  • Treatment of other organic functional imbalances
  • Treating hormonal imbalances
  • Specific treatment programs to combat pathological conditions


Usually, three or four treatment steps, with a total duration of about one hour, are usually treated in the initial treatment. Acute conditions have priority in therapy, being treated before chronic health problems.

Planning medication and dietary supplements in initial treatment

During the first consultation, the therapeutic tools that should be used to support therapy, including medicines and dietary supplements that may be needed, are established. For example, in the treatment of atopic dermatitis are frequently used:

• Probiotics, prebiotics
• Antifungal
• Therapeutic agents for liver detoxification and support of liver function
• Therapeutics for mucous regeneration
• Vitamins, provitamins, mineral substances, amino acids
• Medicines and remedies for detoxifying the body
• Preparations to support digestive function
• Histamine + antihistamine therapeutic agents
• Therapeutics for treating skin infections
• Skin care products
• Therapeutic agents for psycho-vegetative balancing
• Therapeutics to support acid-base balance

Dosage and testing of all prescription therapeutic agents are individualized. At intervals that also vary from case to case, medication is checked and adjusted if necessary.

To ask for more information about the initial treatment or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us.