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Did you know that a recent study aimed at detecting toxic substances in children has revealed 287 such substances in the umbilical cord? Detected substances are pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, maternal-to-fetus substances either by transplacental passive diffusion mechanism or by active transport mechanisms. Their impact on the health of babies is still insufficiently studied.

What has been shown, however, is, for example, the toxic effect of mercury. It has the effect of inhibiting the transmission of electrical impulses to the central nervous system, direct immune system depression and functioning of the digestive system. Such a toxic load in children with autism, which mainly have the mechanisms of liver and intestinal detoxification in dysfunction, influences the evolution of symptoms directly.

The Autism Research Institute has created an evaluation scale for treatments in autism (ATEC), which has been developed to evaluate the effects of treatment. We recommend performing the ATEC test before starting therapy and then at 3-4 months to monitor your health.

Treatment and prevention of autism by biophysical methods

  • At our biophysical center we can support the prevention and treatment of autism through:
  • complete assessment of the health of future mothers and treatment of existing infections and intoxications
  • Identification and treatment of a toxic load profile in children with autism
  • diagnosis and treatment of both existing infections and intestinal microbial, critical to stabilizing immunity
  • establish nutritional deficits for each case and food intolerances, an essential part of any treatment protocol
  • Establishing a personal nutrition program as needed and initial assessment
  • measuring compatibility individually for various supplements and therapies
  • addressing emotional imbalances through a series of curative therapies in our efficient system – homeopathy, Bach’s Flower therapy, phytotherapy.

Because in our center we invest a series of resources in permanent research, we provide you with the results of our experience and research for an extra chance to the highest quality of life.


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